Care sunt pașii

Our process

The importance of a well done process

Given our years of experience as a boutique executive search and placement firm, we are well aware of the importance of the process, the need for full discretion and the importance of sustainable success of the future executive team member.

Shared Understanding

  • Conduct full briefing with Hiring Manager(s), HR & Key Members of Executive Leadership Team
  • Determine challenge, key criteria, competencies & performance KPI’s to measure success
  • Confirm corporate culture, personality fit & leadership style that will work best
  • Define search scope: local, regional & global
  • Design search strategy for Client Approval
  • Review Target Organization List

Source Candidates

  • Activate P&P InterSearch Research Team’s in Romania & Globally (if required)
  • Map out the defined geographies & target organization across agreed sectors
  • Identify, engage & attract candidates in response to the search strategy
  • Create a Long List of potential candidates for review

Project Review Every Week

  • Review Research Team Mapping & Long list
  • Discuss any initial candidate profiles to quality check suitability with client
  • Listen to feedback from client to continue the project lifecycle & refine search strategy
  • Confirm any internal candidate that will be included in the evaluation process

Contact Program

  • Professionally approach & attract passive candidates
  • Project team pre-qualify against key criteria
  • Maximize global network and source strategy for candidate referrals

Candidates Interviews

  • P&P InterSearch Consulting Team Conduct competency-based assessment & behavioural
  • Interviews & Fully understand strengths, achievements, limitations & potential
  • Define motivations, genuine interest and affordability
  • Provide weekly feedback via detailed Progress Reports to Clients to ensure full visibility of candidate pipeline

During the in-depth selection interviews P&P consultants will focus on identifying the prerequisites for future success in the job: we look for the closest matches not only on the job requirements but also on culture and managerial fit, using our “300% FIT” rule, assessing the following factors: Education & Experience + Talent potential + Self-Management + Teamwork + Thinking style and learning potential + Problem solving + Resilience + Integrity + Motivation.

Project Review Every 2 weeks

  • Review Candidates Interviewed that look strong for the Shortlist
  • Further Psychometric Evaluation may be required at this stage
  • Engage client insight to help finalize Shortlist of Candidates

Short Listed Candidates

  • Present the top 3-5 shortlisted candidates for each position
  • Provided detailed candidate reports & consultant feedback highlighting quantitative and qualitative evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and growth potential based on self-scoring, psychometric testing, assessments and references check, including watch out factors and possible areas for further development to ensure success in position.
  • Benchmark comparison data of shortlist summary
  • Present Shortlist to client, obtain direct feedback & confirm interest to proceed with own interviews

Client Interviews & Appointment

  • Co-ordinate client interview & evaluation process
  • Ensure constant & constructive feedback to both Candidate & Client throughout
  • Negotiate, present & close candidate offer
  • Conduct Two Professional Reference Checks x 2 per candidate
  • Stay close to candidates through offer stage & on -boarding