Membru echipă Pendl and Piswanger România - Renata PLOPA

Renata PLOPA

Operations Support Coordinator

Curriculum Vitae

Renata joined P&P in 2016 after working 4 years in customer support roles, in the medical and logistics industries.

She is responsible to ensure an excellent customer and candidate experience through entire engagement cycle, streamline touch points and improve process around updates to records, reports and communication flow. Being the first voice our candidates hear, her excellent customer service abilities along with her strong attention to details establish a positive relationship with any stakeholder.

Her focus is on delivering professionalism outcomes and assuring day-to-day operations’s flow is efficient and customer & candidates experience is kept at the highest levels of professionalism.

Renata holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Social and Organizational Psychology from Moldova State University. She is fluent in English and Russian and intermediate in Swedish.