Curriculum Vitae

Ioana joined P&P in 2020 after gaining experience in FMCG and Professional Services industries. Her role, as Research Analyst is to support Senior Consultants in their executive search assignments by following current news and issues, developing a perspective on competitive landscapes, understanding market influences, tracking share performance and explaining relevant trends which influence an executive search process.

She is committed to excellence and continuous learning, applying these principles in her day-to-day activities. As a millennial she is tech-friendly and comes up with new creative ideas, being actively involved also in the marketing communication strategy.

Ioana holds a Bachelor in Foreign Economic Relationships and Master in Excellence in Business and Services holding in addition a Certificate in Travel Agent from J’info Tours and Certificate of Russian Language from Puskin Insitute in Moscow. Being passionate about foreign languages, cultures and economic relationships, Ioana is fluent in English and Intermediate in Japanese, Russian and Spanish.