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Career Advisory Services

Designated to executives, managers and senior professionals who are considering a move or are already actively looking for a new assignment.

The key to a successful career path is to know where you are currently and where you are heading to.

Career Check Session

During our meetings with candidates we realized that many of us easily recognize the need for a regular medical check-up but many neglect a career check-up which is as much a must as our bodies health. Therefore, we offer Career Check which can help leaders and senior professionals find out where they’ve come from and where they’d like to be.

The good thing is that we will support examine the issues, diagnose any problems and work out a plan yourself. A career check-up can help make sure you’re on the right track, discover new horizons which you might not have explored and build strategies for a smooth career transition. If you are an executive, manager or senior professional, with at least 10 years experience and looking for a Career Check discussion.

Request a consultation with one of our Consultants, subject to availability.

Career Coaching

Finding a new role can be challenging especially if you would like to change function or industry.

In case, after the Free Career Check session you need more support and guidance from an Executive Career Advisor than you may benefit from our paid services for Career Coaching.

Career Tips

Our goal is to support companies and candidates find each other and build the right career paths.

Our Career Tips corner provides you with the right insights to land your next role faster through solid career information and helping you build your professional profile to achieve the desired results. Check our tips for any subjects of interest